Scathing Attack on Wilhelm Reich

Posted Thursday, April 25, 2013

The journal WATER, which I edit, has recently published some controversial papers. Authored by James DeMeo, one paper responds to a scathing attack on the famed Wilhelm Reich. Reich was a student of Freud. He became interested in many scientific subjects, including a new life form, which he called the “bion” and a new kind of energy known as “orgone” energy.

Reich’s books were burned first by the Nazis, and later by authorities in the US. Clearly, whatever this scientist / psychiatrist had to say posed threats to multiple groups.

An article appearing in the journal Nature attacked Reich unfairly. DeMeo attempted to rebut in a comprehensive article signed my many scientists, but Nature allowed only a modest statement that precluded any presentation of evidence to rebut the accusations. We decided to publish DeMeo’s piece, which you may find as compelling as I’ve found it. Check it out here.