Can you cure cancer with your hands?

Posted Friday, June 20, 2014

A totally mind-blowing experience: I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Bengston last week at the Society for Scientific Exploration. (I was present because the Society was kind enough to award me their Dinsdale Prize.) Among all the many intriguing talks at that meeting was Bill's presentation: he cures cancer in mice, with 100% success rate. He does this by using his hands. Nothing else.

Yes, this sounds awfully suspicious, but if you read his informal account in Edge Science you may be as impressed as I am. Bill has published many papers describing his procedures and results in peer-reviewed journals. He's not a cancer specialist of any sort -- in fact he's a sociologist. But he collaborates with medical and biological researchers all over the country. These mammary adenocarcinomas are 100% fatal; yet, he is able to cure them at the rate of 100%. The mice are really cured: once the tumor disappears, they live out their normal life spans, without ever contracting cancer.

The 800 pound gorilla in the room: if this treatment works so well in mice, then why not humans? Check out Bill's explanation at the end of his Edge Science piece.