eBooks are alive!

Posted Monday, April 28, 2014

Three eBook versions of The Fourth Phase of Water were just (finally) released.  We spent considerable time dotting our “i”s, crossing our “t”s, and reformatting our .PNGs.  We are very happy to offer three digital versions:

ePub: This is the most common eBook format.  It is “reflowable” meaning it will look somewhat different depending on the particular device and the reader’s preferences. The file size is 19.1 MB.

Kindle: We are offering a .mobi format which can be used with Amazon’s Kindle devices or readers. The file size is 40.8 MB

PDF: This format looks just like the original print edition and is not reflowable.  You must use a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to view. Not recommended for devices with small screens. The file size is 55.2MB

All three editions have dynamic table of contents and indexes.  Also you will notice there are many links to internal and external (web) destinations.  If interested, please purchase here.